For our piping systems, we also have the most skilled, talented and efficient pipefitters in the area. We provide and assist companies with the best of our                    availability to help our clients/customers to make their work more quick and simple as possible. 

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​​We are a experienced company that  specializes in BOILERS and BURNERS with AIR COMPRESSORS and PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES. We always provide customer satisfaction in every services we offer. 

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    With our state of the art tools and knowledge, we can immediately dispatch for repairs, to companies, firms, and industries  if there are any problems with the product.

    "Your Steam Boiler and Air Compressor Specialist"

    We offer installation services to our clients on every purchase of any of our products. We have the most experienced team regarding installation on either the Boiler system or Pneumatic systems. We have an amazing track record for our triple-A service and outstanding manpower. 

As one of the top distributors of boilers and pneumatic systems in the Philippines, KENTAN INDUSTRIAL aims to provide excellent delivery of supplies and caters a whole lot of service to offer.